Additions 2011 - click on a photo to enlarge it. Additions 2011 - click on a photo to enlarge it. Donated by Barry Adams. Barry working in Telecom Australia - Quality Assurance Laboratory, Adelaide 1988. 112278015 Donated by Pat Broadway The K Block Team - Including - Sandra Scott, Val Riley, Pat Broadway, Joe ?, Madhu Chauhan, Mike Sandford, Mark Farina, Joan Ashford, Alan ? & Dave ?. 112388408 Pat Broadway & Val Riley - K Block. 112388409 1st Fulcrum Management Conference - Redwood Lodge, Bristol. Donated by Ossie Williams. Front; Row ; - Derek White, Paul Wickington, David Proctor, Pat Almond, Ken Govier, Eirlys Wright, Ron Macey, David Lee, Dave Hooper, ???, Tom Brassil, Bob Haywood. 2nd Row; - Dudley Austin, Lawrie Rumens Paul Doran, John Copping, David Pinwell, Ian Sands, Mike Huggins, Wally Spooner, Ron Dawes, Jeff Cull, Keith Hayes. Back Row; - Bob Bellis, Jonathan Whittaker, Dave Sandercock, Bill Robinson, Richard Nightingale, Ian Prentice, Derek Gore, Andrew Filipinski, Phil Pearce, Dave Poole, Ossie Williams, Brian Phillips, Terence Scowan-Geary, Keith Reed, & John Trickey - DAVE PROCTOR NAMED EVERYONE IN THE PHOTOGRAPH EXCEPT, THE CHAP, 3rd FROM THE RIGHT IN THE FRONT ROW - ANY IDEAS ? 113237171 Anti BT Privatisation Picket, Gate 3 F/L 1984 -Donated by Jim Wood. 114186748 Anti Privatisation Picket - from Jim Wood. 114186749 Pickest at Gate 2 - 1984 - from Jim Wood. 114186750 Garrison Lane Xmas Party 1976 - from Jim Wood. 114186752 G/L Xmas 1976 - from Jim Wood. 114186747 G/L Xmas 1976 - from Jum Wood. 114186753 G/L Xmas 1976 - from Jim Wood. 114186754 Tipsy Gent January 1982 - Sent By Roy Hayes Back Row- Dick Wilkinson, Gill Cox, Roy Hayes, Fred Molcher, Tex Riley, ?, ?, Roy Hall, & Wally Waldron. Front - C. Lescott, Steve Wyrley, John Morgan, Dave Godson, Bob Mendonca, Graham Kenning, Ginger Jones & Ronnie Parsons. 114646763 More Tipsy Gents 1982 - From Roy Hayes. Left Side- Ron P, Ginger J. Graham K. Bob M. Dave G. Steve W. Lescott, John M. Right- Fred M. Roy H. Gill C. Dick W. & Don Jarrett. 114649263 Gaynor Bartlam, Joan Bettney & Sue Burke, By Roy Hayes. 114646764 Gaynor & Sue. - By Roy Hayes, 114646765 Mary Atkins & Mick Llewellyn - From Roy Hayes. 114646766 Mick L. again - From Roy Hayes. 114646767 Roy Hayes by Roy Hayes. 114646769 Roy Gets Lucky with Betty Wilson - From Roy Hayes. 114646768 Carol Wormold, Betty Reynolds & John Parfitt. From Roy Hayes. 114649264 Carol W. John P. & Betty R. From Roy Hayes. 114846299 Dave Cox - From Roy Hayes. 114870182 Maggie meets her match - just look at that finger ! 117038596 More with Mrs T from Pat broadway. 117038598 Pat & Co., with Michael Howard MP 117038597 Donated by Pat Broadway. 2nd left = Flo Cook, 4th left Pat B. 7th left Liz Allen (?) - can anyone name the rest please ? 117038595 Donated by Pat Broadway - ??-??- Pat B. 118260857 Doug Perry, Switchboards Shop 1968 - Donated by Ken Govier. 118260801 Postal Mech. Cricket Team Donated by Keith Beesley - ?, John Bennett, Baz Mistry, Mick Tamplin,?, Martin ?, Graham Ferguson, Stuart Gardner, ?, Colin Breedon, Alan Rowley, Andy Raven, Pete Cox, John Lewis, Keith Beesley & Paulette Ballard. 119799126 Donated by Keith Beesley 119405351 Donated by Keith Beesley, 119405352 Donated by Keith Beesley - Raft Race ! 119405353 Donated by Keith Beesley. 119405354 CWU Retired Members' Xmas lunch 2011. Roy Hayes, Betty Wilson. 145762761 CWU RM's Xmas lunch 2011. Don Green, Linda & Paul Hands, Christine & Stan Simpson. 145762764 CWU RM's Xmas lunch 2011 Jeff Barr, Alan Robinson, Ken Sims. 145762766 CWU RM's Xmas lunch 2011. Brendan O'Brien CWU NEC. 145762769 CWU RM's Xmas lunch 2011. Ernie Purkis, Lorraine & Terry Harper, John (Dutchy) Holland. 145762770 CWU RM's Xmas lunch 2011. Lilly Cappell, Irene Hemming, 145762772 CWU RM's Xmas lunch 2011. Roy Hayes, Alan Sault, & Charlie Reynolds 145762775 CWU RM's Xmas Lunch 2011, Beryl & Ray James, Roy Hayes. 145762776 CWU RM's Xmas lunch 2011. Ruth & Alan Higgins. 145762777 CWU RM's Xmas lunch 2011. Chris Jukes, Santoc Sahota. 145762779 CWU RM's Xmas Lunch 2011. Jacquie, Morris & Frank Archer. 145762780 Briar Rose Meeting Xmas 2011. Ann & Don Green. 145765134 Briar Rose Meeting Xmas 2011. Brian Boucher, Stan simpson, Diane Boucher, Bob Palmerfield 145765135 Briar Rose Meeting Xmas 2011. Diane Boucher, Bob Palmerfield, Roy Hayes. 145765136 Briar Rose Meeting Xmas 2011. Ken Sims, Jeff Barr, Brian Boucher, Stan Simpson. 145765137 Briar Rose Meeting Xmas 2011. Paul Hands, Ernie Coggins, Alan Robinson. 145765138 Briar Rose Meeting Xmas 2011 Paul Hands, Alan Robinson. 145765139