New Additions 2016 & 17. New Additions 2016 & 17. Formet Engineers call it a day. Donated by Pete Buchanan. Pete Buchanan, Pete Bailey and Mick Tennant have finally decided to take a well earned rest. Come and join us - and learn to keep calm and enjoy life to the full. 202291695 Fordrough Lane- Late April 1989. Donated by Ken Simms Looking from J Block towards Bordesley Green. Note the gates near the end of the road adjacent to G Block. These were to stop traffic during the demolition of disused buildings at the Cherrywood Road end of the site.. 202291917 John Bowers 2016. Ex Fordrough Lane Maintenance Shop. 202481805 Paul Gallon 202481961 Paul Ewer & Rick Cleaver 204412186 Factory 203277241 Youth Club Dance 1947 203277401 204412187 Factory Day Out 1949 203277242 Cabinet & Polishing Shop Staff 1924. 203277406 Factory/Stores Cricket Team Winners of the Birmingham Youth Committee Championships Cup 1946 & 1947. 203277405 Ernie Coggins - FL2 Shop 1963. Note - hair and no glasses !! 203277243