Post Office Factory

Post Office Factory , Fordrough Lane, Birmingham


How many of those are still with us who (worked ? ) in the old Receivers Shop under the dreaded Ralph (Rowland Hill Fund ) Berry ?  

Frank Peters now 92 is still having the occasional bet on the horses and the even less occasional win. He has recovered from Prostate problems but no longer trips the light fantastic on the dance floor. He cherishes the lasting memory of a dance with Audrey Mott when the initial retirement club closed.

Charlie Reynolds 91 still manages to walk up the steps in the East stand of the Hawthorns despite the discomfort of a trapped nerve in the left leg. He says that sometimes watching the Baggies is more of a-pain-in-the-arse !

Norman Guest now in his eighties is still going strong but his golfing rounds with Sid Brinsdon have tailed off............

News of any more "Elder Berries" would be very gratefully received.

The Carpenters are still making records ! Paddy Fraser, Alan Burvill, Harold Pilkington, Johnny Tirebuck and Freddy Miller can be seen at the Retirement Clubs. Which recalls the fact that - pro rata the ex NUFTO members always had the best attendance record at Union Meetings.

Ex Machine Shop staff are also active in retirement, Betty Wilson, one of the pioneers who broke the mould to become a female Factory Technician, can often be seen at Edgbaston, but you may have to introduce yourself because she has difficulty with her peripheral sight, always one to look straight ahead was our Betty.  Her problem does not stop her watching cricket on Sky at unearthly hours though.

Audrey Mott adds a touch of beauty to the streets of Solihull, more often than not with Ron Priddy.

Cricket still has another fan with Rosie Heath who lives, appropriately enough, in Wicketts Tower.

Irene Afford is one of those bold enough to adopt new technology and communicate via Email.

Other men of metal in contact are, Bob Cawley, now looking like Fabio Capello with toothache, but still hitting the fairways.  Frank Witton still reminiscing about captaining the Machine Shop Cricket Team, and making the victorious Air Rifle Team.  George Smith, fully recovered following a spell in hospital and back running the Retired Members Group at the Marlborough Cricket Club,  and Alan Jones, one of the younger generation, who exchanged his skills as a Machine Shop Toolsetter, to direct operations at the Perry Barr Salvage Depot.

Among the grumbling voices heard leaving St Andrews, may be those belonging to ex Jubilee Works and Garrison Lane friends, Brian Wilmott and Freddy Evans, both are "ever presents" at the Marlborough monthly get-togethers as are, Ted Little, Kenny Nash, Roy Biddle (complete with Australian bush hat), and descending from various heights Ken Govier, Syd Fletcher, Billy Mills and Bill Wootton. One notable absentee Trevor Inglis is unable to travel far because of failing eyesight. However, following a risky but successful operation his future is now brighter in every sense of the word

Younger Retirees, Alan Robinson, Jeff Barr and Ken Sims with occasional guest players, Bob Hammond and Mick Llewellyn can usually be found swinging-their-irons at Boldmere Golf Club on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Whilst a trip to the Earlswood Nurseries complex will reward you with a welcome from Ex Garrison Laners - Dave and Steve White.

Asa Sault is recovering steadily from a knee replacement procedure and although he's unable, at present, to turn-out for the P. O. Stores Eleven, hopes to be fit before the summer, should England require his services and Roy Hayes is still amongst the faithful who still continue to donate their entrance fee at St Andrews to the Karen Brady Appreciation Society.

News of any old colleagues will be more than welcome - contact Ernie Coggins - ernie.coggins@googlemail .com or  or 0121-3560-8604.

This page last up-dated - 10th August  2009. 






TED JENKINS - Cabinet Shop & RSI - passed away 3rd June 2009 - aged 88 years. 

GLADYS HUBBALL - F/L Machine Shop - passed away 7th June 2009 aged 87 years.

ELSIE BENNETT - SWBD's Flowline & Coin Boxes - passed away 15th June 2009 aged 64 years.

ROY "CHICKY" HENN - F/L Main Supplies Depot - passed away 3rd June 2009. 

JOHNNY HALFORD - Garrison Lane & Tents Jointer - passed away 21st July 2009 - aged 79 years.

FRANK WITTON - F/L Toolroom - passed away 26th July 2009 - aged 89 years.

HAROLD WHITWORTH - Jubilee Works - passed awayÞnd September 2009 - aged 89 years. 

 LEN WILLETT - Member of POEU National Executive & Secretary of London Factories Branch - First, Worker Director elected to the BT Board. - passed away  September  13th 2009.

.GEORGE BIDDULPH - FL 2 - passed away 25th September 2009 - aged 89 years.

FRED MILLER, Cabinet Shop & Tents Jointer (J. Block) - passed away 9th October 2009 aged 78 years.

GEORGE WILKINS, Training School,  Machine Shop, Garrison Lane - buried 3rd November 2009 - aged 90 years.

GEORGE SMITH, Toolsetter, Machine Shop, - passed away 16th November 2009 aged 82 years.

DAVE EASTWOOD, FL2, FDI/PI & FHQ - passed away - 17th November 2009 aged 68 years. 

DAISY NOLAN, Ex London Factories - First woman delegate to POEU Annual Conference - died 1st January 2010- aged 90 years.

DAVE KINSEY, Ex Fordrough Lane - passed away 13th January 2010 - aged 67 years.

ALAN KNIGHT - Ex Fordrough Lane - passed away 23rd November 2010 - aged 61 years.

ROY YARDLEY - Ex-Fordrough Lane - passed away   April 2011 - aged 79 years.

RON HARRIS - Coin Box Flowline, Fordrough Lane - passed away July 2011.- aged 80 years

PETE BOWDEN - H1 & H2,  Fordrough Lane - passed away June 2011 - aged 56 years.

BRENDA PEERS - Provision Group, Fordrough Lane - passed away 5th September 2011.

FRED GUEST - Dial Shop, Swbds & Coinbox Flowline - Jubilee Works & Fordrough Lane - passed away 14th September 2011, aged 86 years. - Please see the Obituaries Page for a potted history.

BOB MANN - POEU National Executive & Birmingham External Branch, Secretary - passed away 7th January 2012, aged 61 years.

ROSE HEATH - Machine Shop & FL2 Shop PI, -  passed away 8th January 2012.

DENNIS OWENS - FDI Overseer, Birmingham Factories - passed away 11th January 2012.                                                           

HARRY LOCK - Cable Yard and Timber Shed Supervisor Fordrough Lane, Supplies - passed away 13th January 2012. Aged 86 years.

DENNIS CHILES - Garrison Lane, Fordrough Lane and Outwork - passed away sometime in early 2012.

BETTY PARISH - Senior Manager of Clerical and Admin, Birmingham Factories - passed away March 2012.

HILDA BULLOCK - Fordrough Lane Clerical and  wife of Horace -   Passed away 13th May 2012. Aged 88 years.

FRANK PETERS - Fordrough Lane engaged for many years on refurbishment of Tents Jointer - Passed away 2nd July 2012. Aged 95.

MARGARET ELIZABETH McSHARRY - Winding Shop, Sherlock Street & Fordrough Lane- Passed away 26th August 2012 - Aged 84. 

STAN HARRIS - FHQ - Fordrough Lane & Garrison Lane - Passed away 16th October 2012 -  Aged 81.

FRANK AVERY - Switchboard Shop Fordrough Lane - passed away 18th November 2012 - Aged 83.

ROY BODFISH - Jubilee Works, Sherlock Street - passed away December 2012 - Aged 92.

RON MANTON - Relay Shop Jubilee Works, FHQ Garrison & Fordrough Lane - passed away 23 December 2012- Aged 86.

ARTHUR SANDFORD - Factory Supplies, Anthony Rd. Sherlock St. Garrison & Fordrough Lane- 21st March 2013- Aged 76.

TREVOR INGLIS -POEU Ast Secretary and Magazine Editor based mainly at Jubilee Works - 28th March 2013 Aged 93.

JOHN MORGAN - Fordrough Lane Switchboard Shop & SWBD Flowline - passed away 10th April 2013 - Aged 85.

JOHN TIREBUCK - Fordrough Lane, Cabinet Shop & Factory Planning Group -  Passed away 11th April 2013 - Aged 82.

JEFF BARR - Fordrough Lane, FL2 Shop - Passed away 17th April 2013 - Aged 66 years.

ELSIE MILLS - FHQ Garrison Lane & Fordrough Lane - Passed away 9th July 2013 - Aged 93 years.

BETTY WILSON - POEU Political Officer,  FL2 Shop & Garrison Lane - Passed away 6th August 2013 - Aged 84 years.

PAT CHINN - Fordrough Lane Machine Shop and Wife of Brian - Passed away 25th August 2013 - Aged 64 years.

STAN HAYWARD - Coils Loading Shop, Garrison Lane, Passed away 1st September 2013 - Aged 82 years.

DOUG PERRY - FL7 Switchboard Shop Fordrough Lane - Passed away 12th November 2013 - Aged 82 years.

BOB LIEWELLYN - Registers Flowline Fordrough Lane - Passed away 10th December 2013 - Aged 82 years.

RAY HARRODINE - FHQ Garrison Lane - Passed away 2nd February 2014. Aged 87 years.

RONNIE GREEN - Fordrough Lane Toolroom - Passed away 17th February 2014 - Aged 88 years.

NORMAN GUEST - F.D.I. Fordrough Lane - Passed away 29th March 2014 - Aged 91 years.

JOHN GRIFFITHS - Factory Supplies Fordrough Lane & Jubilee Works - Passed away 18th April 2014 - Aged 93 years. 

DON GREEN - FL2 & Boxer Project - Fordrough Lane - Passed Away 4th July 2014 - Aged 79 years.

STEVE CLARKE - FHQ Engineering Labs - Fordrough Lane, - Passed Away 17th July 2014 - Aged ?? 

JOHN WESTON - GL  & Tents & Postal Mech. - Fordrough Lane - Passed Away 6th November 2014 - Aged 81 years. 

BILL MILLS - FHQ Garrison Lane & Fordrough Lane - Passed Away 25th December 2014  - Aged 89 years.

JOHN PRESTON - J.W.  & Fordrough Lane - Petty Cash Purchaser - Passed Away 28th December 2014 - Aged 85 years.

BETTY TOMLINSON(nee MYRING) - Coil Winding Shop Jubilee Works - Passed Away 6th February 2015 - Aged 87 years

DEREK 'DINKY' JONES - Garrison Lane & Training School Fordrough Lane - Passed Away 29th January 2015 - Aged 87 years.

FLOSS PEARCE - Factory Supplies Fordrough Lane - Passed away 13th April 2015  -  Aged 89 years.

DONALD LAW - Birmingham Test Section - Passed away February 2015.

DONALD LOWE - Birmingham Test Section - POEU Branch Treasurer - Passed away 8th September 2015 - Aged 83 years.

BARRY HUGHES - C.P.C. Fordrough Lane & Sports Club Treasurer - Passed away 17th September 2015 - Aged 78 years.

STAN REYNOLDS - Birmingham Supplies, Fordrough Lane - Passed away 14th October 2015 - Aged 79 years. 

JONATHAN WHITTAKER - Management Team,  Fordrough Lane - Passed away 9th February 2016 - Aged 65 years. 

HOWARD CUDD(Cuddy) - Cabinet Shop, Fordrough Lane - Passed away 14th February 2016 - Aged 98 years.

PATRICK FRASER(Paddy) Cabinet Shop, Fordrough Lane - Passed away 3rd March 2016 - Aged 89 years.

ALAN STATHAM - Electrical Laboratories, Fordrough & Garrison Lanes - Passed away 30th March 2016 - Aged 63 years.

PETER PARSONS - Switchboard Shop, Fordrough Lane - Passed away 30th March 2016 - Aged 87 years, 

TEX RILEY - J.W. & FL2 shop Fordrough Lane & Outwork - Passed away 14th April 2016 - Aged 78 years.

CHARLIE REYNOLDS- POEU Branch Secretary, B'ham Factories Branch - Passed away 28th April 2016 - Aged 98 years.

MARY ALLBROOK - Machine Shop, Fordrough Lane - Passed away 21st September 2016 - Aged 86 years 

ARNOLD CARTER - Model Shop, FL2 and Planning, Fordrough Lane, Passed away 21st September 2016 - Aged 80 years.

MARIE TEAGUE - Catering Staff, Fordrough Lane Canteens. Passed away 20th March 2017 - Aged 80 years.

SID SIDEBOTHAM - Garrison Lane & FL2 Shop Fordrough Lane. Passed away 20th March 2017 - Aged 97 years. 

JOAN PORTER  - Jubilee Works, Sherlock Street. Passed away 30th December 2017 - Aged 82 years.

JOHN DADD - Mechancical Lab. Garrison Lane, Passed away 1st February 2018 - Aged 83 years.

SYD BRINSDON - Jubilee Works & Training School, Fordrough Lane, Passed away 28th January 2018 - Aged 89 years.

BRIAN PHIPPS - FL2 Shop, Fordrough Lane - Passed away January 2018 - Aged 79 years.

ROY AUSTIN -  Test Room, Fordrough Lane - Passed away January 2018 - Aged 86 years.

RONNIE SHEILDS  - Toolroom, Fordrough Lane - Passed away March 2018 - Aged 66 years.

MARGARET McALEER - Machine Shop Annexe, Fordrough Lane - Passed away 9th February 2018 - Aged 92 years.

ERIC MEIGH - Relay Shop(JW3) Jubilee Works - Passed away 26th February 2018 - Aged 95 years. 

NICK BUTLER - FL2 Shop & Planning Office, Fordrough Lane - Passed away 22nd March 2018 -Aged 72 years.

ALAN BARTLAM - Toolroom, Fordrough Lane - Passed away April 2018. - Aged 67 years.

RALPH BUTLER - Factory Supplies, Fordrough Lane - Passed away May 2018 - Aged 

KEN CHAPLIN - Cabinet Shop, Fordrough Lane - Passed away 10th June 2018 - Aged 83 years. 

DEREK RILEY -Factory Supplies, Sherlock St & Fordrough Lane - Passed away 18th July 2018 - Aged 84 years. 

BILL WARD - Main P.O.Supplies, Anthony Road,- Passed away 2nd September 2018 - Aged 90 years.



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