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Hi, What a great and easy find.

I worked at Fordrough Lane between 1979 to 1984 as a CO. I worked in the "machine room" that was a precursor to the computerised systems, transferring stock information to tape.

I left to have my daughter in 1984 and later went on to train as a teacher. I remarried and moved to Cornwall where life is near perfect; but will always remember those early days and would love to contact a few. In particular those whom I shared the office with;      Hazel Stewart and Jayne Wheeler.

 Best wishes and kind regards, Kay Whittingham (Rose) nee (Roberts).

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Posted - 9th June 2015.


 Hi Ernie,

I joined PO factories on 12th June 1972 for my first job after leaving school. As part of the Betty Parish Clerical Army. I spent the next 22 years of my working life at The Lane meeting many wonderful people.

During those years I worked in A, B, C, D, H1 and J Blocks at various times working in Personnel (When it was about people not Human Resources) with Paul Meakin, Jim Wedge, Winnie Tyler, and Maureen Dobbie amongst others.   Provision Group with Brenda Peers, Maureen Casey, Linda Harris, Linda Cotter(nee Green) Jim Morrison,  Dave Saunders, Stella Styles(nee Hobbs) and again  many more.  Ledger Keeper working with Archie Popplewell at times where stocktaking was involved, FL5 Progress, worked/trained by Hilda Rose and Jenny Barrington.

On moving to  Supplies Division, Transport Department, in 1981, I left the Factories Division and worked for Bert Taylor and with Paul Carleton, Tim Hancock, Brian Ward(ex Factories) was also there. Stan Simpson and Stan Freeman were also there. I was also a founder member of the clerical cricket and darts teams with Bob Eaton and Paul Meakin also playing for the PO Stores team with Ron Jackson and Barry Hughes.

I moved to QA on promotion and still at Fordrough Lane, More great people to work with, Helen Meakin, Wendy Homer, John Nash, Terry Finn, Trevor Ray, Bob Wells, Paul Feasey again to name but a few.   I worked at The Lane until April 1994 a few months before BT moved out. 

I then spent the next ten years in Directory Enquiries at Chelmsley Wood until the work was moved to India.  The next chapter of my career with BT included, short spells managing teams in Billing(work again moved to India). Twelve months with a team on residential faults, both jobs in Brindley Place.

I spent nearly five years as N3 Project Delivery Office Manager at Trinity Park(NEC) delivering the N3 network to the NHS. This part of the project came to a natural conclusion and I headed back to the City centre to manage Order Management Teams for the remainder of my BT career until November 2012 when I took advantage of a release package.

The year after I left Factories Division, I had the first sign I had a health issue with my legs. This was eventually diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis which has continued to progress since, resulting in my mobility and balance declining. BT colleagues were always helpful and supportive of my condition.       My family are very supportive including my wife of 39 years, Alison, my three children and our three young grandsons.

I do not go out very often, but still attend Blues home games and have renewed my season ticket for next season which will be my 21st consecutive season at St. Andrews.

An enjoyable 40.5 years working for BT, but the first 20 are the ones I most fondly remember.

I am on Facebook and am happy for my e-mail to be provided if anyone wishes to get in touch with me.

Best regards, Paul.  


Posted  17th May 2016                                        


· John Bowers 2016.        

John E Bowers

Hi Ernie, It was really great meeting up with you and Alan last night, where did the hours go. I didn't get home until turned 1 am. Both myself and Peter are looking forward to doing it again. Ater starting at the P O at Fordroughlane in 1964 straight from school and being part of the newly formed training school, with 19 other wayward souls such as Pete Buchanan, Terry Guyatt, Bob Earls, Dave Morgan, Ted Timms to mention but a few. I spent 3 yrs as a Y. I .T under the watchful eyes of Bob Cawley, Arthur Yates, Don Franks and John knowles and after a battle and with Charlie Reynolds help I managed to get myself into the Maintenance shop FL4 in 1968 until 1987 wh3n I took E.V.R after nearly 20 happy working years. Spending several years in Sherlock street where I met my old mate Tony Cotter, until it closed and I was left last man standing. And then back to good old Fordroughlane, back to my Family of work colleagues and many good friends such as Sammy Walker, Brian Smith, Bob irwin, Johnny Pick, Roger Spry. Best Friends like Pete Smith ( whom I still see regularly ) Geof Robson, alan Bartlum and many, many more. A big thank you to you all for making my working career at the P.O. a rememberable one. I often reflect on it and think to myself how lucky I was. Sadly when I left in 1987 with ideas of Grandeur about emigrating to Canada, so off i went on my great adventure, but I decided to come home after deliberating the pros and cons. I really didn't like the idea of boiling in the 40+ C summers or freezing in the -60 C winters. On my return to dear old Blighty as some of you will know I turned to my passion for cars and set up with my mate Barry at his garage on Vauxhall trading estate just down the road from Fordroughlane, where I spent several years in blissful hapiness. Then in 1994 I moved to to plastics going to work for a company called Halo, in Water Orton, extruding plastic profiles for widow manufacturing, doing continental 12 hour shifts. They were a killer !!! Then in 1998 Margaret and I decided to start our own wheelchair ambulance business, transporting people with learning difficulties for Father Hudsons of Coleshill. And finally in 2006 I went to work for NWBC as a bus driver, shortly followed by my Margaret as my passenger assistant, doing the same kind of work until we both retired in January 2013. A happy forfillng life, but also now living a happy retirement. I would be happy for anyone to get touch with me, either through Facebook or by email -

( ) Cheers Ernie, Be seeing you soon Kind Regards Johnny.

POSTED 2nd August 2016.


Hi Ernie, 

I started work at Fordrough Lane in 1971 as an apprentice in the Training School. After training I worked for several years in FL5 which was located for most of the time on 6th Floor J. Block (lovely views).When FL5 moved into the new H.Block I asked for a change and for the next few years I rattled around the Fordrough Lane site in Planning, Technical Support, Marketing and Test Engineering. By then we were BT Fulcrum and in 1985 I decided to leave.

Over the next 25 years I worked with process control computers, telecoms management software, earth station antennas, X-ray and radiotherapy equipment, electronic scales and RS components catalogue and web site. I found the experience that I had gained at Fordrough Lane in light engineering, electronics and computing was a useful background for all of these.

Where am I now ?  Since 1997 I've lived near Wimborne Minster in Dorset with my partner Pauline. I stopped work in 2014 and I am enjoying the free time, but I may still do some work in the future. I have a narrowboat moored near Reading which I used to live on during the week while working away from home. I'm hoping to bring it up to the Midlands in 2017.

 Regards, Graham Richards.   Email - 

Posted - 26th October 2016.